Auditorium (Fully air-conditioned)

Our fully air-conditioned state-of-the-art Auditorium can easily accommodate any large number of people in any occasion. The structure with high ceiling and superior acoustics makes it a perfect choice to conduct Weddings, wedding receptions, parties, seminars etc. The Hall is built such that it could easily be venue for concerts, drama, exhibitions etc.

Non AC Dining Hall with spacious Kitchen and Pantry (550 seats at one time)

A vast banquet hall with a Kitchen and Pantry attached is one of the specialities of the convention centre. The Banquet hall can comfortably seat 600 diners at one time. Dining would be exceptional here, whether part of a wedding reception, seminar, conference or a simple get together.

Lobby (2000 sq.ft)

As you enter the auditorium, you are first welcomed into our spacious 2000 sq.feet Lobby where you can relax and get refreshed.

Vast Parking Area

One of the outstanding features of the Convention Centre is its vast Car Parking area. This makes it convenient for you to park your vehicles safely and comfortably and enjoy the functions to the fullest.